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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

A Kaleidoscope of Cultures at Moorhill

Alex and Karina had their wedding at Moorhill House Hotel in the New Forest. They had the most amazing wedding with three great wedding traditions colliding into a kaleidoscopic spectacular.

Their wedding was a real mix of cultures with English, German and Peruvian family and guests. It was a wonderfully unpredictable day with so many different traditions being followed.

Alex and his guests were English. 

Karina's Mum and Nan were Peruvian... 

...and her Dad was German.

The South American influence was evident in Karina's choice of vibrant reds.

Everywhere we looked there were happy smiling faces. It was delightfully infectious.

Bridal Prep was fun, relaxed and efficient.

We loved these slippers!!!

The excitement started to bubble over when it came time for the dress.

Nan couldn't speak a word of English or German but she watched every stage of her granddaughter getting ready. When it comes to the meaning of a bride getting ready, the language is universal.

Mum attentively ensured that every detail was the way it was supposed to be.

Just the last few details and the look was complete.

Nan was just about as proud as it's possible to be.

And it was no wonder. All the girls looked fabulous.

And Nan approved. Very much.

When Dad saw his daughter for the first time he was amazed. 

And when it came to walking her up the aisle, there could have been no prouder Dad, ever.

He wasn't the only man to be stunned by Karina. When Alex saw her for the first time...

...he could not stop smiling.

When he grabbed his gorgeous bride for a kiss...

...her vibrant red lipstick ended up on his lips too.

They were both so happy and excited all the way through the ceremony...

...and so obviously made for each other.

As they were signing the register Karina noticed... 

...bright red lipstick was still on his lips.

Like a mother with a five year old son going off to school, she dabbed a tissue on his lips to clean him up.

Once the formalities were done...

...there were cheers and applause for the happy couple.

And they were to get very much happier if they drunk much more of that! 

Nan warned us that it was a special Peruvian drink. Very powerful! I don't think she warned anybody else.

Because of the rain, confetti wasn't possible but bubbles were perfect.

We did the group photographs inside. It was a shame we couldn't go outside but the decor at Moorhil is just lovely so the groups looked wonderful.

An important part of the day was to photograph bride and groom through these picture frames.

Mum had brought them all the way from South America.

Then we spent some time alone with Alex and Karina to get some romantic portraits of them.

Alex hadn't quite got what we were after to start with...

...but Karina did and she looked absolutely gorgeous.

The two of them together were just a joy to be around.

Sadly it was still raining but we took them just outside the front door of the hotel and were able back light the road to the muddy car park and take this photograph of them.

When it came time for the bride and groom to enter the room for their Wedding Breakfast...

...they first had to cut out the middle of the heart together...with nail scissors!!!!

Then Alex had to carry his bride through the middle of the heart as their guests applauded and welcomed the newly-weds into the Reception room.

The Best Man thought it would be helpful to overcome the language barrier if he had some helpers lifting signs up so everybody would know when to laugh, cheer and clap...

...but only if they could read English.

After the meal, Moorhill was still soaked in rain.

But they had booked an ice-cream man. And despite the wet weather, there was a very long queue.

The bride had waited all day for her ice-cream. At last!

And for the Boys there were South American cigars.

Just before their First Dance, Alex and Karina cut their wedding cake...

...and it looked as though it might get a little messy when she tried to feed him some...

...but disaster was averted...

...and Alex still looked at his best on the dance floor with his new wife.

They had a great time together dancing with their guests...but Alex had no idea what was about to happen.

After their First Dance her bridesmaids cleared the dance floor and set up this hilarious comedy moment. 

Alex was sat down and Karina had to be his hands but could not see what she was doing. She had to wash his face, shave him, feed him and brush his teeth. It got really messy. We laughed so much it hurt.

If you'd like to know more about this particularly messy and hilarious part of the day, read our blog post: When Moorhill Got Messy.

What an amazing day their wedding was at so many levels. We wish Alex and Karina the very very best of luck in their married life together.

by Jacqui and Steve

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