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Wednesday 20 August 2014

Wedding at The Pub With No Name

Andy & Charlotte's wedding reception was at The Pub With No Name. As if that wasn't confusing enough, it you approach if from the A32, it turns out that it's off The Road With No Name...both in the Middle of No-where!

Way before we had to worry about that particular seemingly impossible navigational challenge, Charlotte had her Bridal Prep in her parents' cottage.

Once everything was perfect, her Dad (who had been staying out of the way all morning) was let in to see her.

Nobody had expected him to be very emotional about seeing his daughter dressed in her wedding dress but how wrong could they have been, a more delighted and proud father of the bride would be hard to find.

Father and daughter were driven to Hambledon Church in a wonderful little green Austin 12.

The ceremony itself was delightful and included readings as well as a piano accompanied song during the signing of the Register.

After the ceremony the weather was perfect...

...and her dutiful bridesmaids removed the confetti from Charlotte's hair ready for her photographs.

Then it was off to find the Pub With No Name, down the Road With No Name in the middle of Who Knows Where.

We've no idea how but we all arrived without at the right place at the right time...

...and in time to see the wonderfully traditional sight of Morris Dancers doing their thing outside a traditional country pub.

We just had time for a few quick romantic portraits before the sky clouded over...

...and it was time to go in for their meal.

...and the Morris Dancers offered to form an archway on their way into the could they refuse.

Andy and Charlotte's wedding cake was a cheese cake...complete with felt bride and groom mice.

After the meal there was more Morris Dancing...

...and then it was time for their First Dance as man and wife in the beautifully elegant marquee at the Pub With No Name.

It was a wedding of tradition, of touching moments and wonderful jokes & giggles. Andy and Charlotte are a fabulous couple and they had a wonderful day. We wish them our most heartfelt congratulations and good wishes for their future.

...and the really strange thing about the Pub With No has a's The White Horse!

by Jacqui and Steve

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