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Wednesday 5 February 2014

Who would win? Brides versus Doctor Who

I don't mean that brides are the new enemy of The Doctor...despite any superficial visual similarities they may have to the Daleks...i.e. the long skirt to the floor and smooth motion across the floor.

What I mean is that traditionally brides know how to keep secrets and know the power of a well managed reveal.

Brides keep their wedding dress hidden from all but their chosen inner circle of friends and family. The first time their wedding dress is seen is on her wedding day, together with her expensive hair and  amazing makeup. She is seen for the first time with the whole ensemble and her bridal party in her chosen venue. 

We're great Doctor Who fans and like so many others, we can't wait to see Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor.

When I say, we "can't wait"...actually I mean I wish the new series started this Saturday...but it can't and we shall have to wait until the Autumn.

When the BBC released the promo shot of Peter in his new Doctor Who outfit, it was for sure an interesting glimpse into what we might see in the Autumn.

But would it have been more memorable, more special, to have seen him for the first time in his first episode with everything that goes to make Doctor Who what it is...the script, the action, the humour, the tension, the music, the acting, the lighting, the charm....not just a still of a costume.

I remember watching drip fed promo making-of trailers and documentaries of a much awaited James Bond film. When I eventually watched the film, all the drip fed promos had spoilt it for me...they had some how taken away the magic that normally makes a James Bond movie so compelling. I knew what was coming, I knew how it was done.

And this is where, in our opinion, brides get it right. They keep the magic locked away until they reveal it at exactly the right moment and in the right place...on her wedding day.

In this respect brides beat Doctor Who, every every wedding.

#toptip if you're using #pinterest: many brides use Pinterest nowadays for inspiration and it's a great idea. Our tip though is that you create a "private" board for your best pins for your wedding. Otherwise, if it's public your guests just need to look at your wedding board and they may see some things you'd rather have kept a secret until the big day.

Steve Dunster

Monday 3 February 2014

More Praise for Jacqui Marie Photography

"Thank you so so much to both of you!! We adore the pictures. Every aspect of the day that we (or I!!!) had planned for a year was captured perfectly! Love the range of tones used and the expressions on peoples faces that help to tell the story of the day very accurately. You even managed to capture my expression as my nan gave me the rats that she had knitted-brilliant!"

"Thank you so much for your hard work on Saturday. You were both more than photographers- you were key to the smooth running of the day - organising and coordinating everything as you went along. Your passion and experience in both photography and weddings contributed massively to the amazing day we had. Many of our friends have asked for your details as they saw what a lovely couple you were and the skills you have. Most importantly, even though you go to a different wedding every week, your enthusiasm made our wedding feel as special to you as it was to us and we cannot thank you enough for that."
Lucy Marsh

"Jacqui and Steve are excellent photographers and really make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. I've had the opportunity to work with them on a number of different shoots and on each one they've been professional, friendly and have created some really beautiful photographs. They are fantastic wedding photographers and were amazing at remembering people's names and were really good at blending in with our guests and got some really great shots of family and friends when they were least expecting it. We were extremely happy with all of our wedding photos and our beautiful album. We would definitely use Jacqui and Steve again and would recommend to anyone to use them."
Jeanette Durrant

"Words fail me to express my delight in the fact that Jacqui Marie Photography produced results that were exponentially better than even I could have produced!  In addition to their supreme professional skills, I keep on spotting extra little ways in which they enhanced the story by focusing on a unique little detail, that helps to speak volumes!  To the extent where you wonder: How did they know to focus on that? The sensitivity and creative with which the photos were created were extraordinary.  All this together with the fact that Jacqui and her husband are an experienced couple attuned to each other, giving you TWO different perspectives!!  (Like one concentrating on the bride walking down the isle, whilst the other captures the essence of the waiting groom . . . ) Added to which, both give you the feeling that they actually WANT to be there – rather that just do a job!  -  Two skilful hunters who persistently seem to capture the very best possible perspective! Added to which, the aftercare service is second to none. I have congratulated myself time and again for having made this brilliant choice!"
Heidi Barton

"Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the photos, made me laugh and cry at the same time, so many happy faces captured!"
Katie’s Mum