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Monday 9 December 2013

Wedding Tips: Why Your First Dance Matters

When I say your First Dance matters I don't mean you need to go to a lot of bother to learn elaborate dance steps, in fact far from it. 

What I mean is that something magical often happens in a bride and groom's First Dance as a married couple and when it can make for some fabulous wedding photographs...perfect to place at the end of your wedding album.

A bride and groom have spent the day making public promises to each other, exchanging rings, being the centre of attention and looking fantastic. So when the lights dim and a bride and groom take to the dance floor, holding each other whilst their favourite song is is little wonder that magic happens.

Some couples prefer not to do a First Dance together because they don't feel very confident dancing but it's not about the dancing, it's about the magic.

When a bride and groom experience the magic of the First Dance they love it, it's probably the most intimate moment they'll have had all day. 

But it's not just the bride and groom who love that magical moment, your guests love it too...and of course we've already spoken of the amazing photographs that can be captured.

If you want to learn some proper dance moves or even take dance lessons then that's fine, it's your day and you should live it with no regrets as far as is practicable. 

But if you do, you may well be concentrating more on the dance steps than your togetherness...but that's okay because as soon as the dance is finished, you'll probably look into each other's eyes and hug...and the magic happens.

If you feel you can't dance and don't want to learn, it's absolutely fine. Hug each other in the middle of the dance floor, look into each other's eyes, slowly move from one foot to another, slowly rotate to the music and enjoy each other's company...and the magic will happen.

If you really don't want to do a First Dance, then that's fine too, it's your wedding...but at least you should know it's not about the dancing, it's about the magic. 

You'll love it, your guests will love it and your photographs will look fabulous at the end of your wedding album...with this knowledge you can make an informed decision as to whether doing a First Dance at your wedding is right for you.

You shouldn't do it just because it's tradition but it is such a lovely moment it is easy to see why it has become part of the wedding tradition.

by Steve Dunster
8 December 2013

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