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Thursday 16 April 2015

Shabby Chic Wedding & Funniest Groom's Speech Ever!

Shaun and Emma had the most amazing fun-filled wedding at the Southampton Hilton Hotel. After the group shots we popped round the corner to the local golf club for some portraits including the one above.

But the day started with Bridal Prep and Emma looking an absolute picture of shabby chic perfection,

and it was a touching moment when her dad saw her for the first time.

Meanwhile Shaun (in his electric blue suit), seen here practicing his "cougar", was waiting in the ceremony room with his best men. He was an amazing character and was undoubtedly the life and soul of the party...

...fortunately his best men were on hand to "keep him in line".

Even during the ceremony there were many moments of totally infectious hilarity...

...and moments later the most heart felt hugs.

Just like the rest of the day, Shaun & Emma's walk down the aisle was full of fun and hilarity.

Shaun was clearly over the moon at his new status as a married man.

When it came to the formal group photographs...guess was anything but formal.

We had a fabulous portrait session with them both at the local golf course and got some lovely photographs of them ...

...including this one of Shaun, backlit whilst exhaling after a quick vape.

When it came to the Groom's speech, Shaun stood up and suffered a sudden attack of nerves and shyness. We thought nothing of it, we'd seen this a few times...weddings can do strange things to people.

...then he listened...and an echoey recording of his own voice played over the room speakers,
"Are you feeling nervous Shaun?"
"Yes, yes I am" says the real Shaun.
"This will help...imagine them all naked."
Shaun looked at his Best Men and recoiled in horror...

...then looked at gorgeous Emma, nodding with approval

This dialog with his own recorded voice went on in that way for quite some time and brought the house down. The room was filled with laughter and smiles.

When it was time for Emma and Shaun's First Dance as man and wife, the room was spell-bound by the obvious connection between this lovely couple.

It was a joy to watch them dancing.

After their dance, Emma had a lovely dance with her dad.

Shaun and Emma's wedding was a fantastic day, they looked amazing and their day was full of fun and affection and laughter. What a memorable day!
by Steve Dunster