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Friday 12 June 2015

Romantic Theatricals at Warbrook

Nick and Charlotte had a wonderfully romantic Spring wedding at Warbrook. Both Nick and Charlotte were into the theatre, in fact it's how they met, and many of their guests were into it too...

...including Nick's three Best Men, and it made for a fantastically fun day.

Charlotte's Dad was justifiably the proudest man at their wedding...

...and Nick's Best Men were some of the funniest men at their wedding.

Nick and Charlotte were welcomed down the Warbrook steps to confetti and bubbles...

...then it was group shots in the sun...

...then inside for drinks, canapés and amazing magic by the fabulous professional magician Sean Boon.

Then it was back outside for some romantic portraits in the sun... the magnificent Warbrook grounds.

Then it was inside for their meal...

...and amazingly funny speeches.

The Boys were a great bunch and full of crazy stories from their Stag weekend.

One such story explained the significance of this twenty pence piece.

The Boys were overwhelmed with emotion when they saw Nick's wedding ring.

The bench that Charlotte is sat on in this photo is destined for their garden and is signed with good wishes from their guests. As you can see, Charlotte is posing beautifully for the cameras...and Nick isn't.

Even more strange expressions were the order of the day in their photo-booth.

But when it came to the First Dance it was grace and elegance and romance all the way.

Nick and Charlotte were absolutely fantastic together and they thoroughly enjoyed their day. It was a wedding full of fun and laughter and affection...and it was an absolute joy to be part of it.

by Steve Dunster
12 June 2015

Thursday 11 June 2015

Awesome Weather & Awesome Venues - Southbourne & Goodwood Wedding

Colin and Karen had the most fantastic day for their Spring wedding. They were married in Southbourne Church and then they moved to Goodwood for some romantic portraits and their reception.

But first Karen had the talents of professional make up artist Natasha Wiggins to make her look perfect...

 ...whilst Colin was in the garden with his Dad, who seemed to be in a celebratory mood, at the thought of getting rid of him?

The Boys all had their own but matching cufflinks.

 ...and the girls looked amazing and ready to rock.

 Colin was delighted when he first saw Karen walking up the aisle to him.

Then it was into the sun for a blizzard of confetti...

 ...and more photographs in the sun. Then it was off to Goodwood...

Goodwood House is an epic location...

...perfect for a romantic portrait session

...and so grand and elegant...

Colin and Karen really enjoyed each other's company and it was amazing to photograph them in such an awesome location...

 ...and the weather was perfect.

They had their reception and party at the Goodwood Hotel, just round the corner from Goodwood House and they couldn't have asked for a better venue.

It was a awesome day in every way: the weather, the venues, the people...and most of all, Colin and Karen themselves. They were an awesome bride and groom.

Congratulations to them both and we were so pleased to have been part of their day

by Steve Dunster
11 June 2015 

Monday 8 June 2015

A Glorious Spring Wedding at Rhinefield

 It was a glorious Spring day for John and Hayley's wedding at Rhinefield House, there was hardly a cloud in the sky.

The Boys took advantage of the sunny weather walking the grounds before the ceremony...

...then it was off to start their wedding duties, including looking after John and Hayley's amazing rings.

 Their guests almost filled Rhinefield to capacity...

 ...there were so many in fact that it was a great opportunity to form them all into a stunning heart shape and simultaneously showing off the grandeur Rhinefield's substantial grounds in glorious Spring sunshine.

Not only was the weather perfect but the Spring blossom had come out and provided the most romantic backdrop a couple could wish for.

 It was so early in the year that the leaves had not yet come out in this tunnel of trees but that didn't stop John and Hayley enjoying a stolen moment alone.

Then it was inside for food and speeches.

 They enjoyed another stolen moment in Rhinefield's wonderful gazebo...

 ...before it was time to cut their amazing four tier cake actually made by Hayley herself...

 ...and then the First Dance as man and wife.

John and Hayley clearly enjoyed each other's company so much it was a joy and a privilege to photograph their day and nobody could have asked for better weather with which to celebrate their most fabulous wedding.

by Steve Dunster
8 June 2015

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Sunset & a Buick at Riverside Sopley Mill

Chris and Melanie had an early Spring wedding at Riverside Sopley Mill near Christchurch and the weather had been absolutely perfect all day and then they were treated to this amazing sunset. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Melanie's day started with bridal prep at The Manor Hotel in Burton not far from Sopley Mill...

...and then on to St John's Church, Broadstone...

...where the ceremony was very moving and delightful (and the vicar was a photographer and an absolute pleasure to work with).

Then it was on to Riverside Sopley Mill for their Reception by car.

Their wedding car was a white Buick...

...luxurious and spacious inside...

...with gorgeous stylistic lines...

 ...and white walled tyres.

Sopley Mill looked at its absolute best in the Spring sunshine with blue sky and fluffy white clouds...

 ...whilst their guests were treated to the most mouth-watering canapés.

The weather was perfect, even to the extent that there was just enough wind to have some fun with Melanie's amazing veil.

As the day drew to a close the sky was clear and blue and eventually it gave us the most beautiful sunset in the Western sky (as you can see in the first photograph at the top of this blog).

The inside decoration of the Mill was rustic and wonderful...

Melanie was a gorgeous bride...

...and the two of them so clearly very much in love.

Chris and Melanie planned the day right down to the last detail. Sopley Mill markets itself as a "blank canvas", it's got great views and lots of atmosphere but leaves everything up to the couple who need to provide their own caterers, decorations...everything...not for the feint hearted!

Bravo to Chris and Melanie, they put so much effort into the design of their day and it really paid off, the joy on their guests' faces was testament to their success. 

But extra to all that they had planned was the perfect weather from start to finish. Perfect for outside canapés and enjoying the view but also perfect for outside photographs, including the most beautiful of sunsets on a gorgeous couple.

by Steve Dunster
3 June 2015