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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Awesome Weather & Awesome Venues - Southbourne & Goodwood Wedding

Colin and Karen had the most fantastic day for their Spring wedding. They were married in Southbourne Church and then they moved to Goodwood for some romantic portraits and their reception.

But first Karen had the talents of professional make up artist Natasha Wiggins to make her look perfect...

 ...whilst Colin was in the garden with his Dad, who seemed to be in a celebratory mood, at the thought of getting rid of him?

The Boys all had their own but matching cufflinks.

 ...and the girls looked amazing and ready to rock.

 Colin was delighted when he first saw Karen walking up the aisle to him.

Then it was into the sun for a blizzard of confetti...

 ...and more photographs in the sun. Then it was off to Goodwood...

Goodwood House is an epic location...

...perfect for a romantic portrait session

...and so grand and elegant...

Colin and Karen really enjoyed each other's company and it was amazing to photograph them in such an awesome location...

 ...and the weather was perfect.

They had their reception and party at the Goodwood Hotel, just round the corner from Goodwood House and they couldn't have asked for a better venue.

It was a awesome day in every way: the weather, the venues, the people...and most of all, Colin and Karen themselves. They were an awesome bride and groom.

Congratulations to them both and we were so pleased to have been part of their day

by Steve Dunster
11 June 2015