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Sunday 30 April 2017

Love and Autumn Romance at Lainston House

Martin and Kerry's wedding was at the fabulous Lainston House just outside Winchester. It was great weather, with great guests, at a great venue with one of the most romantic couples it's been our pleasure to work with.

Their wedding was at the end of September and although the trees hadn't turned yet, it was a wonderful Autumn day.

The girls had a relaxing Prep in one of the fabulous rooms at Lainston.

The boys were doing the same in the opposite end of the hotel to minimise the chances of the groom seeing his bride before the ceremony.

The bride's mum loved making the finishing touches to the back of her daughter's dress...

...which looked absolutely fantastic.

All the girls looked amazing and were ready early enough to have plenty of time for fun... well as for some quiet moments of contemplation.

When Dad came in to see his daughter ready for him to give her away, the connection between them was really moving.

The boys were ready and the sun was out. They were ready to receive their wedding guests.

After her meeting with the Registrar there was more waiting around but Kerry was relaxed and happy.

Eventually it was time. Kerry and her father made their way through the pretty Lainston corridors to the ceremony room.

They waited for a few moments before Dad proudly led her up the aisle... the moment when he gave her away to the new man in her life.

Martin was taken aback as to how stunning his bride was.

When it came to the untying of the rings from the ribbons, neither of the boys could cope. Fortunately Kerry came to the rescue and the ceremony could continue.

Champagne was waiting for them as they came out of the ceremony room for the first time as man and wife.

Their guests were amazing and heartfelt congratulations were given by all.

Lainston House is a top quality venue and every detail is tended to. Even the striping of the front lawn was specially mown just before their wedding ceremony.

The view from the back garden was breathtaking.

This little chap was an absolute star...

...but Martin and Kerry were the undisputed top-billing stars of the day. They both looked a million dollars...

...and were clearly made for each other...

...and having the time of their lives.

They had such an easy and fun time with all their guests and family...

...but when it came to their First Dance... was one of the most romantic First Dances we've seen.

If ever a couple were meant for each other, surely it must be Martin and Kerry.

They are a lovely couple with the most fabulous friends and family. Their wedding day was full of love and romance on one of the most amazing of late September Autumn days.  

We wish them the very happiest of lives together.

by Steve Dunster

Sunday 23 April 2017

Wedding with Owls at Old Thorns

Paul and Katie's entire wedding was at Old Thorns near Liphook and... 

...they had owls that flew down the aisle with their rings...

...posed for photographs...

...and flew back up the aisle to their handlers CSR Falconry, who we have to say are the very best at a wedding we've ever worked with. 

The owls were not only pretty and well cared for but seemed so happy to be around the guests...

and loved being handled.

CSR Falconry stayed around after the ceremony so the guests could handle the owls and have photographs with them.

But, of course, their wedding had so much more to it than just the amazing owls. Katie had gorgeous shoes...

...and they had stunning rings.

Katie had her bridal prep in one of the rooms at Old Thorns

Katie is a hair-dresser and works in a salon with her friends. Most of her bridal party seemed to be hair-dressers too and at one time I'm sure I counted four of them working on her hair at once.

When it was all done...

...she looked absolutely stunning.

As well as owls, Paul and Katie had a fabulous harpist who really set the mood for the ceremony, in the new Old Thorns Chapel Room.

We all went out on a golf buggy to get some romantic portraits of them both.

They were lovely together.

They are a perfect match and they both looked amazing...

...and the weather was kind too. Just after this photograph it did start to rain and we needed to dash for the buggy, but the rain stopped as quickly as it started and it didn't interfere with the day at all.

Their cake was fabulous and the decor at the Old Thorns' Gatsby Bar is breath-taking.

We loved this little detail on the cake table.

We did some evening romantic photographs by the red telephone box...

...and in the covered walkway.

Then it was on to the First Dance on the amazing Gatsby Bar dance floor.

Paul and Katie are an absolutely amazing couple and it was a real pleasure sharing their fantastic day with them. We wish them a long and happy future together.

by Steve Dunster