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Thursday, 23 August 2018

When Mr D'Arcy says "Come!"

 When Mr D'Arcy says "Come!" 

...all I'm going to say is, what bride wouldn't go weak at the knees when her groom looks at her across the dance floor like this!

Holly and Chris had the most spectacularly wonderful wedding at the amazing Avington Park. The whole day was oozing style and good company. None of it would have been out of place in a Jane Austen novel...

...apart from maybe the wedding car!

Holly loves everything to do with Christmas (the clue's in the name) so her perfect wedding had to be at Christmas, with Christmas colours and a Jane Austen venue.

Father-Christmas-red was used to great effect in the girls' hairpieces, Holly's flowers, her sash... 

...and the boys' ties.

They had a wonderful evening sky when we went out with them for their romantic portrait session.

By the time we'd walked to the bridge and back... had spread across the setting Winter sun and it wouldn't have looked out of place in a Turner painting.

Everybody enjoyed the speeches...

...but when Holly stood up to make a speech...

...Chris started to look worried.

But he nothing to worry about...she only said nice things...


Their cake was also in Father Christmas colours and looked amazing.

The First Dance was absolutely lovely...on the planked flooring of the library.

We could have been watching Elizabeth and Mr D'Arcy.

The joy they had together was wonderful.

After they'd been dancing in hold for a while...

...Chris parted from her and beckoned to her come...

...and reached out for her...

...and pulled her towards him for the most passionate of embraces.

Oh my word it was so romantic.

Chris and Holly were an absolutely wonderful bride and groom and put together an unforgettable wedding that had everything.

We thank them enormously for including us in their amazing day and we wish them the very best of good wishes...and many more Happy Christmasses together.

by Jacqui and Steve

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