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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Sublime Evening Sun at Rhinefield

Adi and Sian were married at Rhinefield House in May 2018. 

Their day had been brilliant, almost to the point that it seemed it couldn't get any better. Then, after their meal and their speeches, their guests came out onto the lawns of Rhinefield. 

The wind had dropped to nothing and the sun had snuggled down onto the Western horizon and was giving a warm golden glow to the grounds and ponds.

The water was so still it was like glass. The low sun raked across the stone-work to make its textures and relief seem 3D. The golden glow to everything was just sublime.

Their guests relaxed in this still and silent warm air with the gorgeous golden glow. They stood in groups or sat around the tables on the patio watching the bride and groom as they walked around the glass-like pond.

Adi and Sian's perfect wedding day had just got even better.

Earlier in the day Rhinefield had been lit by a completely different kind of sunlight. Its stone-work had been brought to life by the vivacious mid-May sunshine that would stay with Adi and Sian all day.

The day started with Sian having the most amazing hair and makeup...

...and every last detail planned...

...and executed perfectly.

Her dress was amazing...

...and when she was finished, she was just stunning.

Perfect for her walk up the aisle.

The ceremony was very moving...

...including two readings...

...from her bridesmaids.

It was a lovely moment when Dad gave her away.

Then it was time for the rings...

...and Mum's smile as Sian put Adi's ring on his finger was so moving.

As soon as they were pronounced as Man and Wife, they celebrated with a kiss.

Then it was time for music...

...and nibbles on the lawn.

The weather was perfect.

Adi and Sian enjoyed walking around the sun-drenched grounds.

There are few places as stunning as Rhinefield in the sun.

After Adi, Sian and their guests had enjoyed their evening in the still golden sun, 

...they went back inside for the cake cut...

...and their First Dance as Man and Wife. 

Sian and Adi were an absolutely wonderful bride and groom and perfect hosts to their guests.

They had a brilliant day, Rhinefield were magnificent as always and the weather was perfect. But the light...the light in the evening was sublime and a wonderful blessing for a wonderful couple.

by Jacqui and Steve

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