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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Mr and Mrs (Behind Enemy Lines)

Almost all the weddings we photograph are in Hampshire but we keep our jabs up-to-date and sometimes sneak across the border and go behind enemy lines and into West Sussex for a day out. And this particular day was fabulous.

Andy and Caroline had the most enchanting of weddings at the "4 Canon Lane" venue in Chichester - which also happens to be its address! 

What the venue lacked in brand-naming flare, it totally made up for in its exquisite charm.

It is situated at the back of the Cathedral amongst the paths, lanes and walled gardens of Chichester and has just the most peaceful vibe you can imagine.

Many of the guests remarked how peaceful it was and how easy it was to forget that we were actually in the centre of a busy city.

We took Andy and Caroline around the precincts and lanes of medieval Chichester as well into the Quad of the Cathedral.

It was a little windy but it was a fabulous place to spend time alone with the one you have just married.

Andy and Caroline were a wonderful bride and groom. They were so relaxed, welcoming and absolutely brilliant together. 

The whole vibe was one of fun-in-the-sun and chilling-in-the-garden.

There were garden games-a-plenty

But the one that caught the bridesmaids' imagination was the sack-racing. 

Shortly afterwards whilst we sat on the patio enjoying the sun and the vibe, we were asked by one of the bridesmaids, "What's the weirdest thing you've ever photographed?"

It was a question we'd never been asked before but after a few minutes thought, we had to admit, "Bridesmaids sack-racking!"

Caroline was so creative. She not only made her own wedding dress but she also made her own wedding cake. 

The cutting of the cake was just as playful as the rest of the day.

Before their First Dance, Andy and Caroline had to play a game of Mr and Mrs. Each of them would have a blue card (him) and a pink card (her). The DJ would ask a question like, "Who is worst at getting out of bed in the morning?" They would then have to raise their card without knowing what the other had answered. It was hilarious.

We can't remember what particular question was asked but we can remember the fear in Andy's eyes and him pleading with the DJ to not make him answer it. Of course his discomfort just made his guests laugh even louder.

Andy and Caroline's wedding was relaxed (apart from a few moments in the Mr and Mrs game), playful, fun and was simply a fabulous way to spend a day.

We loved our time with them and we wish them a wonderful future together.

by Jacqui and Steve
(occasionally visiting West Sussex but don't tell anyone)

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