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Saturday, 11 August 2018

Scorched Skylark and a Summer Song of Love

Ash and Emma had their wedding at Skylark Golf Club in Whiteley right in the middle of the long hot Summer of 2018. 

The normally lush green fairways were a vibrant brown of parched grass but that didn't stop Ash and Emma from having an amazing wedding day.

Emma's day started at The Solent Hotel which was also in Whiteley and only a few minutes drive from Skylark.

It was a lovely setup for Bridal Prep with plenty of floor space and really nice rooms.

Emma's dress was fantastic...

...and all the girls together looked amazing.

The girls got on really well and were always laughing about something.

Meanwhile, the Boys were on their way into the barn to welcome the guests.

The distance was so short between the Solent and Skylark that the wedding car was able to do two trips. The first brought Mum and the bridesmaids, then it went back for Emma and her Dad.

The bridesmaids were wonderfully daft at times and whilst they were waiting they couldn't stop themselves from twirling their elegant dresses in the car park.

When Emma and her Dad joined the bridesmaids, the scene was set.

The girls had one last minute huddle to discuss strategy...

...and they were off up the aisle.

The plan worked like a charm and Ash was bowled over.

It was a ceremony that was both moving and full of laughter...

...with many giggles from the girls.

All too soon the formalities were over...

...and it was time for confetti...

...and drinks.

Once the group photos were done...

...we took some in-close photographs of them having a few moments alone in the sun.

The room for their Wedding Breakfast looked stunning.

Whilst they were waiting to go in for their meal, they had a magician...

...who astounded their guests.

Ash and Emma's wedding cake was absolutely brilliant. 

It had four tiers covered in swirls of the vibrant red that was her wedding colour and it had been made by one of the family. Awesome!

As Ash and Emma were welcomed onto the dance floor, another very special moment was about to take place.

Their First Dance was lovely. It was so obvious that they loved being each other's arms.

But extra to that, the love song that was sung for them was written especially for them and this was its first public performance. It was beautifully written and beautifully sung.

And after the dance and the song were over, bride and groom applauded the man who had helped to make their First Dance so special.

Emma and Ash were a wonderful bride and groom and they had the most amazing time in an extraordinary Summer, with a knock-out wedding cake and a love song written specially for them.

In our books that makes their wonderful wedding as good as it gets.

by Jacqui and Steve

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