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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

A Long Time Ago at a Wedding Venue Far, Far Away

(Hans) Elliot (Solo) and (Princess) Emily had the most fantastic Star Wars themed wedding at the ORC near Newbury.

But the Dark Side was an ever-present Force throughout their day.

Their friends had made them the coolest wedding cake ever. A DEATH STAR!!!!

Fortunately there were many good guys around to help.

Elliot and Emily were married in the Newbury Register Office in the 17th Century Shaw House.

Luke Skywalker may well have thought this Millennium "Dodge" Falcon was a "piece of junk" when he saw the bonnet up and the pilot with an oily rag in his hand.

Maybe it did do the Kessel Run in 13 parsecs...


...but we had our own C3PO moment when Mum reminded the pilot that he forgotten to pick up the bride.

Meanwhile back at the Rebel Base...

...crews were briefed ahead of the impending operation.

In no time at all, the Transport bringing Emily to her groom...

...raced up the approach like a pod racer late for his lunch.

Emily and her brother disembarked...

...and rendezvoused with Elliot right on time.

It was a wonderfully emotional moment.

But Elliot quickly regained his composure and looked a million dollars...

...and so did his Princess bride.

Once the formalities were over...

...they emerged into the sunlight... man and wife.

After the briefest of kisses...

They came down the steps of Shaw House...

To be treated by their guests showering them with confetti.

They were really awesome together.

Then the guests boarded their Transport to ORC.

Bride and groom had a few moments alone together before they also travelled to the ORC in the Dodge muscle car that was one of Elliot's passions.

...and it looked fantastic in the sun...

...and sounded amazing too.

All the signs were very galactic...

...even the sign for the pamper box...

...and the table plan.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect.

All sorts of goodies had been put on the tables for the children...

...and the adults.

There were Lego kits without any instructions... entertain the guests.

We had a romantic portrait session with them that was really special.

They didn't need any direction...

...they were just themselves...

...and it was wonderful to see.

At the back of the venue, they had set up tents for guests to stay the night.

These guys had so much fun...

...whether it was in the cutting of the cake...

...or listening to the speeches.

Elliot gave a wonderfully moving speech...

...which was much appreciated by his bride.

The Best Man's speech was brilliant.

Elliot tried to use the Force with "These are not the groom's stories you are looking for!"

But Jedi mind tricks only work on the weak minded, so the embarrassing stories continued...much to Elliot's discomfort.

It was such a pleasure to see how adoringly Elliot looked at his gorgeous bride throughout the day.

"My name's Bond, James Bond."

But that's the wrong film franchise Elliot!!!

"I know, but it had to be done!"

Elliot and Emily had a fabulous day with so much fun and novelty and perfect weather.

There was so much that was amazing about this day. We both thank Elliot and Emily for sharing their brilliantly fun day with us.

by Jacqui and Steve

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