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Monday, 6 August 2018

War-dance Wedding and Magic at Nymans (The Haka)

Ezra and Keara had their wedding at the National Trust Nymans Gardens near Crawley.

The weather was absolutely perfect without the intense humid heat of some of the days in the previous weeks. Instead it was sunshine, blue skies with puffy white clouds and a nice cooling breeze.

Ezra's family are Maori and travelled from all over the world to see him marry Keara.

We watched as his tie was tied for him. We couldn't see what exactly was going on...

...but the results blew us away. We have never seen any tie knot like it. In fact it doesn't look possible. We put it down to Maori magic!

The day started as Keara and her bridal party emerged from the bushes and into the wind and processed up the aisle and through the stone columns where their ceremony was to take place.

It was a touching ceremony...

..and after it was over, Ezra's delight was obvious for all to see.

They walked back down the aisle, showered in confetti.

They were then honoured by a real-life Haka war-dance performed by real life Maoris. 

Jacqui found it very interesting and "manly." Steve thought it was scary.

After the war-dance was over, those same scary faces beamed with smiles as they congratulated Ezra and Keara.

Nymans Gardens was a magical place to take the newly-weds for a romantic portrait session.

At times it felt like we were "on set" for an adaptation of a children's magical story book.

The ruins were stunning and the parched lawns due to the recent heat-wave made it all the more dramatic.

We took them for a walk amongst the shady paths...

...and in amongst the stunning gardens... well as around the ruins.

Keara looked absolutely stunning with her "english rose" period make-up...

...and a fabulous wedding dress that wouldn't have looked out of place at a "between-the-Wars" Royal Wedding.

They served some amazing cakes to their wedding guests...

...and this cake was very popular.

Their wedding cake itself was a three tier naked sponge cake dressed beautifully with summer fruits. 

Keara and Ezra were great together.

Nymans held a particular magic for them. 

It was the perfect venue for them with perfect weather and with their friends and family from around the world.

It was lovely to spend their special day with them (once the war-dance was over!) and we wish them all the very best for their married life together.

by Jacqui and Steve

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