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Friday, 10 August 2018

Romantics at Netley Abbey

We had a fabulous romantic portrait session with Luke and Candice at Netley Abbey on their wedding day. It was the perfect place for them, not just because of its great photographic potential but also because it was very meaningful to them.

They were actually married at the Westgate Hall in Southampton...

...but bridal prep was at her Nan's house.

Prep was such a lot of fun with no signs of stress and plenty of time...

...there was even time for photographs with this handsome fellow.

Candice was so excited just before she went up the aisle.

Luke took the long wait for his bride in his stride.

Then the big moment. Candice was walked up the aisle by her brother to her waiting groom.

Luke was blown away.

He couldn't take his eyes off her.

Their pet dog and love of their lives was there to witness everything.

The putting on of her ring.

The putting on of his.

The pronouncement that they were Man and Wife and the kiss.

He was very excited by the whole thing. Actually he wasn't! But he was good as gold.

All he really wanted with a fuss from his Mum.

Luke elected for some brave tom-foolery at the signing of the register...

...which was met with a "I don't believe you just did that" expression from his new wife.

Then it was outside for confetti in the dappled sunshine next to the Hall...

...and a few portraits with them in the West Gate

They were wonderful together.

A quick wedding car photo in front of their venue and then it was off to Netley Abbey.

Netley Abbey turned out to be an amazing place to photograph...

...and they were so good together in each other's company.

Netley Abbey looked great, sadly there was large portions of it we couldn't use because of scaffolding.

Their dog waited patiently for when he would get some more fuss from his mum and dad..

We had to be very selective with our angles because of the scaffolding... 

...but there were still many places we could use...

...but this was probably our favourite.

It was great with natural light...

...and magnificent with the big off-camera flash for extra drama.

They had a lovely time there... their favourite place and some quiet moments together.

Then it was off to the Willow Tree in Winchester for speeches.

Her brother gave a very moving speech.

Then it was Luke's turn. 

He suggested all his Boys should have shots!

With trepidation all over his face...he raised his glass for "Cheers" and they all downed it in one.

He seemed to regret it...

...and it took a long time for Luke to recover...

...but eventually he did.

They had their First Dance together to a live band.

What an amazing day they had and it was so worth going to Netley Abbey with them for their romantic portraits.

by Jacqui and Steve
Hampshire Wedding Photography

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