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Monday, 13 August 2018

The Runaway Groom at Bartley Lodge

This is Annette. The gorgeous bride with a runaway groom.

It was quite early on in the day that Steve made his first bid for freedom.

Luckily his big brothers found him and brought him back.

Steve's next bid for freedom was to take his beautiful bride away from their guests for a romantic walk...

...and persuade her that he was disturbingly crazy.

But she saw through his ruse and they had some romantic moments together in the golden warmth... 

...of the setting sun.

Steve and Annette did of course have an amazing wedding at Bartley Lodge and all the above is a total fabrication. 

But it was such a fabulously funny day that we were inspired to be a bit playful with the narrative we could put with some of the amazingly funny moments and expressions from their day.

Steve made another bid for freedom just before their First Dance...but luckily his big brothers saved the day...again...

...and Annette got her First Dance with her wonderful new hubby.

A huge thank you to Steve and Annette for including us in their wonderfully crazy and fun-filled day.

(To our knowledge Steve has not tried to run away since.)

by Jacqui and Steve

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