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Friday 24 August 2018

Operation Perfect Wedding

Mission Objective: To have the most amazing wedding ever!

Incoming Message: "Do NOT run out of drink!"

Roger that! Critical supplies loaded and stored.

Time to suit up - warm weather clothing.

Time to target - 3 minutes

Ingress - close formation

Eyes on Target

Wedding ring deployed - Emergency EVAC!

Extraction route blocked!


Extraction complete.


Theatre of Operation

The Mess

Commander in Chief

Rules of Engagement

Rear guard

High precision targeting.

Air defence.

Weapons free

Intelligence gathering


Shock and Awe

Diplomatic incident

Conflict avoidance

Chain of Command

Drop zone.

Sophie and Mark planned and executed the most wonderful wedding. There was a great deal of fun and an enormous amount of drink.

Mark's big fear was that their wedding would run out of drink. We are pleased to announce that his fears were groundless...though we think that supplies were running quite low by the end of the evening.

Their wedding was an absolutely fabulous day that was totally unforgettable. 

by Jacqui and Steve

At the de-briefing later, the Mission was declared an Outstanding Success

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