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Monday, 16 July 2018

When Moorhill Got Messy

We've seen a lot of things after a First Dance but this was perhaps the funniest.

Alex and Karina got married at Moorhill House Hotel in the New Forest. It was a fabulous day and a brilliant blend of English, Peruvian and German wedding cultures. If you'd like to read about the rest of their day, please read our blog post: A Kaleidoscope of Cultures at Moorhill

After the bride and groom had finished their First Dance, the bridesmaids cleared the dance floor and set this up.

The groom was sat in a chair on the dance floor and his bride put her hands through arm-holes... 

...and she would have to be his hands...

...but she won't be able to see what she's doing.

The bridesmaids would then issue instructions to the bride..., "...put the flannel in the bowl of water and wash his face..."

"...and put shaving foam on him and give him a shave."

The spectacle was hilarious...

...and very messy.

Next, the bride had to dunk the flannel back into the water to clean him up.

Then she had to make him breakfast...a burger with tomato ketchup.

...and a drink to wash it down with.

...and brush his teeth.

We would like to express a huge thank you to Alex and Karina who were fantastic sports and a special thank you to the conspiring bridesmaids and all those who helped them. 

This was undoubtedly the funniest end to our working day EVER!

by Jacqui and Steve

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