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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Samba Drum Band at New Place

Ivan and Emma had the award-winning Batala Samba Drum Band playing for them at their wedding at New Place. It was an absolutely spectacular display of musicianship and choreography.

Emma's day had started really early in order to get everything perfect in time. It was to be a long but wonderful day.

Their ceremony was fun and heartfelt.

The group photographs went well, we even had time for a heart-shaped "everybody" group on the iconic gravel forecourt of New Place.

The confetti was great fun...

...and the romantic portrait session was the grounds...

...and around the distinctive New Place historic building. 

After their Reception and speeches, as Emma walked along the elevated patio overlooking the lawns at New Place, she felt a little tired and could have quite enjoyed a brief lie down somewhere quiet and peaceful.

Which was exactly the time at which the Batala Samba band started playing.

They were exciting and colourful with amazing moves...
...they were many things...but they were not quiet and peaceful. 

Emma didn't get her quiet lie down...

but Ivan, a member of the band, was given a drum and joined in.

Then they all surrounded him as they were playing. It was just brilliant...unless you wanted some peace and quiet.

Ivan and Emma had a wonderful day at a fabulous venue with brilliant guests and brilliant weather. It was perfect...even if at times it was a little loud.

by Jacqui and Steve

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