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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Story Behind the Picture: Slobbering Shetland

This wedding photo was taken by Jacqui in the Spring of 2013 on the cricket ground in front of the Balmer Lawn Hotel in the New Forest just after sunset.

In the picture you can see Steve taking a fine art wedding photograph of a bride and groom...but there is also a Shetland pony.

When he started photographing the couple, the Shetland was over by hedges you can see in the background. Once the Shetty noticed Steve was laying on the ground, he made his way over to investigate.

Steve was busy looking through a tiny viewfinder, balancing the lighting and directing the couple. He was totally unaware of what was approaching him.

The couple were full of smiles and laughter. He thought it was his directing but they could see the approach of the curious Shetty.

The first Steve knew of the Shetty's interest in him was when he felt a hot slobbering tongue in his ear. He rolled over on to his back only to see the long fury nose and huge black batting eyelids of a very innocent looking Shetland.

We have shown this picture and told this story to countless prospective couples over the years. It is instructive in many ways:

1. It shows the equipment and setup Steve uses for some of his fine art wedding photography
2. It shows how being a fine art wedding photographer can be dangerous work
3. It shows how, when faced with a choice of helping her husband or getting a great photograph - she'll always choose the photograph
4. It helps to explain why Steve hates horses and why Jacqui loves them

...and the finished fine art photograph that Steve was taking... this one.

In Jacqui's photograph you can see the light that the bride and groom saw at the time. The sun had just gone down. It was a low contrast dull light with a slightly blue tint.

With Steve's lighting he was able to create something quite is not unusual for couples to say "Wow" after they've seen the photographs he's been taking because it is so different to the light they can see.

So which image is better? Steve's fine art...or Jacqui's story telling (reportage/photo-journalism).

The answer is...they do different jobs. And this is why at a wedding they will photograph using the fine art style of wedding photography as well as the reportage style and everything in between.

Jacqui and Steve are Hampshire Wedding Photographers at Jacqui Marie Photography - where Photo-journalism meets fine art wedding photography.

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