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Monday, 30 July 2018

A Lainston Wedding of Laughter, Acrobatics and a Strip Tease

Jon and Emily had the most amazing wedding day at Lainston House near Winchester...

...and the weather was perfect for them.

Dad was as proud as its possible to be when he saw his daughter.

Dad and daughter waited out of sight until it was time for them to walk down the aisle of their outside ceremony.

Bridesmaids went first...

...and Dad brought Emily to her groom.

It was a lovely ceremony...

...and Dad loved every minute.

...including a minor issue when Emily struggled to get Jon's ring on his finger.

Emily and Jon had tons of laughter together through the ceremony and it was to set the delightful tone of the rest of the day.

As they walked down the aisle together as man and wife their guests blew bubbles for them.

This little fellow was there...

...for guests to hold. He was still a youngster and this was his first wedding. He did amazingly well. He will eventually be used for ring-bearer flights as he matures.

It was a wonderfully daft and playful day with lots of silliness...

...and laughter

...and acrobatics.

Jon and Emily are a lovely couple...

...and were amazing together...

...and funny.

They had so much fun on their wedding day. Perfect!

The two dads got on really well.

Before the speeches we took them around the grounds of Lainston for some dramatic vintage portraits... well as some romantic pictures.

As guests sat down for their meal and speeches, there were many happy faces...

...and many selfies.

Their speeches were brilliant...

...and, as you can imagine, funny!

But at moments, they were also tender and heartfelt...

...and very well received by their guests.

Then it was time for Jon's Best Man to give his speech...

...and Jon took it well.

It was a touching moment when Jon thanked his Best Man for his speech. These guys are such fantastic friends.

Then the guests spilled out onto the patio for an evening of coffee, wine and more laughter.

Before their First Dance, Jon and Emily sampled their chocolate fountain.

Strawberries and melted chocolate were too enticing...

...but there was no elegant way of eating them...

...but it was funny to watch.

Then it was time for their First Dance as man and wife.

Their dance was lovely and drew a big crowd.

And then the party began. Dad let his hair down and when he took off his tie he was a brilliant sport when the guests formed a circle around him and chanted for him to take off more.

Jon and Emily's wedding was just so nice at so many levels. The venue and staff were brilliant, the weather was perfect and the guests were a lot of fun but special mention goes to Jon and Emily. They planned a fabulous wedding, they were the perfect hosts and they were clearly so much in love and enjoyed each other's company enormously. In our book that makes them pretty close to perfect.

We wish them many years of fun and laughter together and thank them both for making us so welcome at their wonderful wedding at Lainston House.

by Jacqui and Steve

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