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Saturday, 28 July 2018

Quirky Disney Wedding

Jess and Mark, avid Disney fans, put together the most amazing quirky wedding at Woodlands Lodge in the New Forest.

After we'd photographed the "Micky and Mini" balloon photograph above, the balloons were moored to buckets and this little boy discovered them and fell in love with Mini.

Woodlands Lodge looked at its very best with its lush green Summer garden and the sun on its white rendering.

Their ceremony was lovely...

...and Mark couldn't take his eyes off his bride.

They both had Disney themed Converse.

There was just enough room in the garden to be able to get a heart-shaped "everybody" photograph for them.

This is one of our favourite photographs. They wanted to make a wish together and blow confetti off their hands. 

The weather was perfect with blue sky and puffy white clouds.

The guests had a brilliant time...

...and were suitably shocked at some of the things they heard during the speeches.

After their meal and speeches, Jess and Mark had organised a surprise Crazy Golf course for their guests. It was really popular with those who wanted to play...

...and with those who were happy to sit in the sun, watch the fun and drink wine.

This little boy loved it too.

Then Jess and Mark wanted to climb a tree.

It was their chosen way of getting away from their guests for a while.

This was certainly a first for us. They got up there surprisingly easily.

Getting down was going to be a different matter.

Eventually, with the help of some steps and gallant gentlemen, they got their feet safely back on the ground.

And what was the first thing they did? Jump for joy and high-five obviously!

When photographing a jump, they need to be backlit or it won't look like the feet have left the ground. We had so much fun trying to photograph these guys all jumping together. We lost count of how many times we tried it.

But this attempt was the one that made everybody laugh.

Then it was time for the bridesmaids and best man to look cool.

Then it was time to look...well...Mark did his best to explain. The best man never quite understood...

...but these bridesmaids nailed it.

And this was the resulting quirky group.

Then a quick footwear shot...

...and it was back to the Crazy Golf.

What a pleasant mid-Summer's evening it was...

...even though some found the scoring a little challenging...

...but most enjoyed the golf...and the warm evening sun...and the wine

...and the beer.

It was a fabulous day. 

Brilliantly conceived by Jess and Mark who made their wedding day exactly the way they wanted it for themselves and for their guests.

It was a totally unforgettable day.

Thank you to Jess and Mark and all their guests who made us feel so welcome.

by Jacqui and Steve

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