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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

When the British Army Does Confetti

Phil and Amy had their wedding in the late Spring of 2016 at Skylark Golf Club in Whiteley and this is the first time we had come across confetti cannon. 

We saw what looked like five tubes of wrapping paper stood on their ends in the barn. These were in fact the confetti cannon that were to turn the skies around the Skylark pretty colours and cause navigation issues for aircraft approaching Southampton International Airport.

Quite honestly two cannon would have been plenty. Five was spectacularly over the top. Some of Phil's groomsmen were Army boys. I think they thought they were laying down covering fire for their best friend and groom. Just look how high the confetti went. It was way above the height of the barn and it took ages for the skies to clear.

The confetti cannon was certainly spectacular but so were other parts of their day.

Their ceremony was really touching and we all choked up as they read their vows to each other. They were so heartfelt.

The decor in the barn was absolutely stunning.

Afterwards we took them to the ruins of Titchfield Abbey for some romantic portraits...

...and a picnic in the Campervan.

They both looked amazing.

The Boys had kept one confetti cannon back for Phil to fire. Confetti cannon never disappoint! 

After the speeches they were treated to a beautiful sunset...most of the confetti had cleared by then.

 Then it was back inside for their First Dance.

It was a brilliant day that was full of fun...and confetti. We will always remember it as the day the British Army filled the skies over Skylark with confetti.

by Jacqui and Steve

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