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Friday, 13 July 2018

A Most Magnificent Memorial

Sometimes the emotion of a moment at a wedding can be quite overwhelming...and so it was at this wedding at the Tithe Barn near Petersfield. 
The guests and venue looked amazing and the day was full of fun and energy especially during the speeches.  
But after the speeches something would happen that would be still and quiet and one of the most powerful memorials we can remember. 
The guests were invited to each go up to a table and light a candle and remember those who could not be at their wedding with them. 
The bridal party were the first to the table where there were a large number of unlit candles. One for every guest.

It was really emotional to see the bridal party so deep in their thoughts and memories as they lit their candles and placed them on the table as they looked at the photographs of their loved ones.

One by one every guest lined up to do the same. 

As the yellow glow from the mass of candles grew brighter, it became harder for us to remain detached.

A silence fell that was so quiet that we could not escape from our own thoughts and memories and feelings. It was quite overwhelming. 

Once all the candles were lit, the guests stood around them. Their faces lit by a flickering golden glow.

Time stood still for all of us as together we privately remembered those we missed most.

Eventually we started to notice the birds singing again and people started to move around and whispers turned to laughter and the party soon continued as it had done all day.

Whilst there was dancing and applause and laughter the candles and the memories stayed bright.
It had been undoubtedly a most magnificent memorial.
by Jacqui and Steve

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