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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Story Behind The Picture: Is It Still Raining?

Josh and Julia had their Winter wedding at Southdowns Manor and part of the reason they chose this venue was because of this distinctive pergola.

Sadly, it rained hard all day and we couldn't get outside to do anything. 

Quite late in the evening I popped out to the car to get the lighting equipment we needed to back-light the First Dance.

As I returned Josh saw my wringing wet hair and the sopping shoulders of my DJ and said, "Is it still raining?"

I blew the dripping rain off my nose  and nodded. He then asked if there was any way at all that we could get a photograph of the pergola in the garden because it would mean so much to Julia if we could.

I explained that we could but that she'd get wet, it was still raining really hard.
He said, "Would it be a good picture?"
I said, "It would be an great picture!"
He said, "Let me see what she says."

When he returned he was full of smiles and gave the thumbs up.

Jacqui and I went out on our own and set the lights then we signalled them to come out and join us. We worked really quickly and after a few minutes they were back in the dry.

For this sort of composition I'd normally set the dress with its train laid out but you may just be able to see that Julia is holding her dress up and behind them.

Had it not been raining we would not have got the lovely reflections in the stone pavement and we would not have got the star field behind them (back-lit rain).

There are two take-aways from this:
1) even when it's dark and raining, there's often stunning photographs to be had
2) this photograph was only possible because of Josh and Julia being up for going out in the driving rain

Thanks guys for the opportunity to take this photograph. It was a very rewarding, if soggy, few minutes.

by Steve Dunster
Fun, Fine-art and Story-telling Hampshire Wedding Photography 
from Jacqui Marie Photography Ltd

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