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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Bernie: the Terror Cat

This is Bernie.

This is Charlie, our bride for the day.

Charlie is Bernie's Mum.

Charlie loves Bernie very much.

Bernie is a Rag Doll kitten. He is big for his size and it is easy to forget his is still a kitten.

Whilst Charlie was having her hair and makeup done...

Bernie was good as gold. Bernie is a good boy.

He was no bother at all. He disappeared somewhere and let Steve photograph Charlie getting ready and left Jacqui to photograph Charlie's wedding dress upstairs in the bedroom.

This is Charlie's dress that Jacqui was photographing. Jacqui always takes her shoes off and pads around a bride's dress bare-foot to make sure she never harms the dress.

 Steve heard a terrifying scream from upstairs.

It was Jacqui.

As Jacqui was hanging the dress up on the hook, her wiggling bare toes were very close to the bottom of the dress...

Bernie had been hiding beneath the dress and could see Jacqui's toes through the folds of lace. With lightning reactions, Bernie pounced on her toes with both paws and eight claws. Hence the scream. 

No blood got near the dress and everybody forgave Bernie instantly.

Bernie is a good boy! 
(cue Twilight Zone music and slow zoom to Bernie's menacing eyes)

by Jacqui and Steve Dunster

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