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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wedding Tips: Getting Into Your Wedding Dress

We want to take the very best wedding photographs of your day that it's possible to take...our Wedding Tips blog posts are to help your day go smoothly...because the wedding photographs are always better if your day has been perfect

1. If your dress is strapless then don't wear a strappy-bra in the morning because it may mark your skin

2. Wear a button up shirt/blouse whilst your hair is being done, so you can unbutton it to take it off. You don't want to pull a T-shirt over your head once your hair is perfect.

3. If you've a lace up dress, allow plenty of time, it wants to look fantastic and be comfortable so you won't want to rush the lacing.

4. Don't start getting into your dress until you've got the important people assembled who you've agreed can help you into your dress e.g. your Mum or your Chief Bridesmaid

5. Before you get into your dress: eat, drink and go to the loo

6. Clear and tidy the area around where you'll be getting dressed so it looks better in the "getting dressed" photographs.

7. Don't get into your dress too early, everything is harder and takes longer once you're in your dress, and you can't sit down

8. If your dress has to go over your head put a pillow case over your head so it doesn't spoil your hair and to prevent your makeup getting on the dress

9. If you've got a lace-up dress put your hands on your hips during lacing it will help to hold it in shape.

10. As the day goes on your lacing will loosen over time and you'll need to be tightened up.

11. Lacing starts at the top and always feed from the inside of the dress to the outside.

12. Check there are no twists in the lacing as you go.

13. Thread the lace first and then start tightening up. 

14. At the bottom of the lacing, finish with a knot (if you want the ribbon to be threaded back into the dress out of sight), or a bow (if you want it to remain outside).

15. As the days goes on, get your Chief Bridesmaid to check the back of the dress to make sure that the back-panel and/or bra (if you're wearing one) isn't showing above the top of the dress.

Here's a YouTube video we found on how to lace: