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Friday, 9 August 2013

An Epically Musical Wedding - and James Bond

Brian and Maggie's wedding was a magnificently epic affair. Both of them are very active in the music aspects of St Mary's Church, Portsea in Portsmouth, Hampshire. It was fitting therefore that they were married in this, one of the most fabulous parish churches in the country.

Whilst we were waiting for the bride to arrive, we were listening to the beautifully played organ with its  flowing harmonies...then we were sure we heard something familiar, just for a moment...then it was gone. Then again...and again. We checked with the vicar. Yes indeed, the organist had been given the task of mixing into his normal ecclesiastical introductory music, as many James Bond themes as he could whilst waiting for the bride. AWESOME! Apparently it was the Fiftieth Anniversary of the first James Bond theme.

It felt to us that this was the nearest we will come (for some considerable time at least) to be the nearest thing we're likely to get to shooting a Royal Wedding.

Not only was the architecture fit for royalty but the wedding ceremony lasted over an hour...and the time flew by. There was so much going on that it was truly a magnificent experience.

The music was absolutely stunning. We've heard a lot of grand and splendidly played music at our weddings and was up there with the best of them.

Brian is not only the talented organist and choir master at St Mary's but composed and arranged all the music played at their wedding.

They had the organ playing, an orchestra on two levels and a stunningly good choir. You couldn't have asked for better music if you'd paid good money at a top concert venue.

Gorgeous architecture, fabulous music, a lovely couple and James doesn't get much better.

But it didn't end there. The wedding moved to the Royal Marines Museum, Southsea in Hampshire.

Not only did the sunshine follow our talented bride and groom but so did the music.

A small band of musicians played delightful music to the guests as they enjoyed canap├ęs in the afternoon sun.

This was undoubtedly an epic and memorable wedding of a talented and charming couple.