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Sunday, 4 August 2013

How Many Wedding Dresses!

During a wedding consultation with the lovely Sarah and Ross prior to their wedding at The Langstone Hotel, we asked whether she'd got her dress yet. They looked at each other and clearly felt awkward and didn't know how to answer. In the end, Ross shook his head and said..."She's got THREE!"

Apparently Sarah had bought a cheap dress from China but when it arrived she was very disappointed. She then somehow ended up with a wedding dress for the daytime (above) and another for the evening (below). Both gorgeous wedding dresses.

In order to shoot Sarah in her beautiful "evening" wedding dress we wanted to make the most of the sunset over the wet mud-flats of Chichester Harbour. We had to move quickly. Sunsets don't last long. In order to speed things up, we had Ross' Best Man (a serving soldier) hold the light stand for us.

Our son normally does our lighting and he's used to our lighting directions. Working in a hurry, without thought we blurted out our usual directions, "Take one step to your left...that's it, now get it back on bore-sight please..."

"On what?" he said.
"Oh...on the the subject!"
"The what?"
"At...whatever you call the thing you aim at!"

His soldier training came immediately into play. He stretched himself to his full height and proudly pronounced:

"Ah...yes! ....THE ENEMY"