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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Bucking-Bronco Wedding

This was a first for us...a Bucking Bronco machine at a wedding. The groom and the bride both rode the "beast" and did remarkably well...but, as some of the groom's army friends can testify, it's evidently best to take your Number One Tunic off before having a go on the Bronco...or it rips your expensive buttons off.

James and Ailene's wedding had been designed down to the last detail to be as meaningful a day as it is possible to have. 

They were married in their beautiful local village church. 

James, being a serving officer in the Army, was married in uniform and had his mates form a military guard of honour with an archway of swords for bride and groom to go out through.

They had their reception on a friend's farm where they were serenaded by pipes and drums to celebrate Ailene's scottish family.

Ailene has a strong interest in the local Hunt, hence the Bucking Bronco machine. Their tables were all named after places they visited on the holiday that James proposed to Ailene. The wine that they had on their tables was the same they were drinking when he proposed. James proposed in Venice and each of their guests had a table gift made of Venetian glass.

The weather was fabulous and the views from the hilltop farm were amazing. It was a great day that was loaded with meaning and truck loads of fun.