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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mercedes SLS for a Wedding Car

Mike and Sophie got married at the lovely Spread Eagle Hotel in Midhurst, West Sussex. Bridal Prep, the Ceremony and the Reception were all at the Hotel, so strictly speaking there was no need for a wedding car.

But when one of Mike's friends offered to loan him his Mercedes SLS (complete with it's gull-wing doors and massive engine) was an offer that just couldn't be refused.

Mike drove to the Hotel in "his" SLS and apparently had a fantastic time. When asked how it went, Mike said that he arrived at the Hotel much earlier than he expected.

Mike wasn't the only one enjoying his pre-Wedding morning. Sophie was in the Spread Eagle's bridal suite of ancient and very atmospheric rooms.

Whilst Mike was experiencing the cutting edge of current day technical achievement, Sophie was experiencing something more akin to the royalty of centuries long since past.

Sophie's wedding dress was silver and looked absolutely stunning on her and their colours were red, black and silver.

Having had such a dismal Summer the year before followed by such a long Winter, it was an even bigger delight than normal to see the Spring blossom in the trees and it provided a wonderful floral backdrop to their wedding.

It was a very happy day and everything went as beautifully as Mike and Sophie had planned it. This was made possible in no small part by the AMAZING USHERS.

Their ushers were as good as anybody could ever wish for: fast, charming, effective, reliable...and there when you needed them. In fact they were so good we even asked what their rate was in the hope that we could hire them for other weddings. Top choice Mike and Sophie!

The Spread Eagle Hotel in Midhurst was fabulous. It's a wonderful venue which oozes character and history. The staff were fabulous and the garden was a lovely place for portraits. 

Most of the day the weather was grey but by evening there was the most thrilling sky.

The Ceremony, Reception and Dance were all held in a converted barn attached to the Hotel and it was spacious, airy and full of character.

It was a lovely day, at a great venue and with delightful guests...and ushers to die for!