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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Blue Rhino Wedding

Andy & Kayley's Wedding at the Holiday Inn, Winchester was blessed by the presence of a life-sized sculpture of a blue rhino. It was an art project sponsored by Marwell Zoo in order raise awareness of the plight of the rhino. In only a few weeks these sculptures will be sold off but Andy & Kayley will forever remember him as a big part of their wedding day.

Their ceremony was held in the Hotel itself then it was out into the garden for group shots and portraits.

We took some lovely intimate portraits within the walls of the garden...

...then we all carefully climbed a small hill to get some more dramatic shots against the gloomy sky. Despite the dark skies, it stayed dry and we were able to do all the photographs outside.

Andy & Kayley were so happy together, they were a joy to photograph.

Kayley's hair and makeup was beautifully done and perfectly complimented her face.

Her dress was beautifully made and wonderfully set off with a fabulous lace train jacket. 

The Holiday Inn, Winchester was a lovely venue cleverly pulling off the tricky balancing act of being spacious yet at the same time intimate. The staff were accommodating, welcoming and professional. A pleasure to deal with.

Andy & Kayley are a lovely couple and clearly so enjoy each other's company.

They had a great day, at a lovely venue...and are the only couple we've ever photographed that have been blessed on their wedding day by a blue rhino.