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Friday, 12 June 2015

Romantic Theatricals at Warbrook

Nick and Charlotte had a wonderfully romantic Spring wedding at Warbrook. Both Nick and Charlotte were into the theatre, in fact it's how they met, and many of their guests were into it too...

...including Nick's three Best Men, and it made for a fantastically fun day.

Charlotte's Dad was justifiably the proudest man at their wedding...

...and Nick's Best Men were some of the funniest men at their wedding.

Nick and Charlotte were welcomed down the Warbrook steps to confetti and bubbles...

...then it was group shots in the sun...

...then inside for drinks, canap├ęs and amazing magic by the fabulous professional magician Sean Boon.

Then it was back outside for some romantic portraits in the sun... the magnificent Warbrook grounds.

Then it was inside for their meal...

...and amazingly funny speeches.

The Boys were a great bunch and full of crazy stories from their Stag weekend.

One such story explained the significance of this twenty pence piece.

The Boys were overwhelmed with emotion when they saw Nick's wedding ring.

The bench that Charlotte is sat on in this photo is destined for their garden and is signed with good wishes from their guests. As you can see, Charlotte is posing beautifully for the cameras...and Nick isn't.

Even more strange expressions were the order of the day in their photo-booth.

But when it came to the First Dance it was grace and elegance and romance all the way.

Nick and Charlotte were absolutely fantastic together and they thoroughly enjoyed their day. It was a wedding full of fun and laughter and affection...and it was an absolute joy to be part of it.

by Steve Dunster
12 June 2015