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Monday, 30 November 2015

Winter Wedding Laughter at Elmer's Court

Dan and Sarah were married at the fabulous Elmers Court near Lymington in the Winter months of 2015. As with many Winter weddings, by the time their ceremony was over there was very little natural light for outside photography...

...but with the help of our lights we were able to do some stunning romantic portraits of them both despite it being almost dark.

We were just in time to catch the vestige of blue in the sky and a full-moon through leafless branches and the rain soaked stones for a reflection on the distinctive semicircular Elmer's Court patio.

Whilst it was our intention to shoot romantic portraits of them, they were having so much fun together, it was actually much easier to photograph them when they were laughing...

...but between laughs we did manage to get this lovely picture of them snuggling.

They had a VW Camper Van for their wedding transport and it was beautifully decorated inside.

One very welcome visitor during the Group Photographs was a duck who came waddling up who  took a great interest in the bride and her bouquet.

And the speeches had just as much laughter as the rest of the day.

Sarah looked absolutely fantastic throughout...

...which sadly is more than can be said for poor Dan! Sarah's late father had bought a bottle of rum to be opened on her wedding day and it was a poignant moment when all the guests were given a tot from the bottle. But the solemnity of the moment was brief, unfortunately Dan had never tasted rum before and downed it in one! 

We had a great time with The Boys larking about on the patio... well as inside when they were "admiring" Dan's wedding ring.

And just like the rest of the day, their First Dance was full of laughter too.

Dan and Sarah are a lovely couple and it was a real privilege to be with them for their wedding day. We wish them many long years of laughter together.

by Steve Dunster