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Monday, 12 May 2014

Beach Balls Up The Aisle and Street Dancing Wedding

It is absolutely fabulous when a bride and groom make their special day their own. Some couples do so by conforming to tradition...some by doing the complete opposite...but Mike and Karen did both!

Their ceremony was a wonderfully traditional church wedding until, part way through the sermon, the bride and groom both stood up, grabbed a microphone each and announced to their startled congregation that this was their wedding, that it was going to be fun and that the fun was starting NOW!

Moments later Mike had grabbed two beach balls...

... and the vicar was presented with a Red Card, a Yellow Card and a whistle.

After quickly explaining the rules of the game, the whole congregation was involved in a highly competitive ball game which was fun and animated and totally energised their guests.

It energised their photographers as well, we've never before had to shoot a bride making a diving save!

Once the game was over and some semblance of order fell back upon the became clear that the game was not just for fun...but was actually a parable for married life. A truly inspired piece of wedding planning.

After their church ceremony it was on to Victoria House, Netley for their Reception.

Victoria House is a lovely venue, as impressive inside as it is outside. Victorian architecture at its best on the outside. Cool modern decor on the inside.

The grounds of Victoria House are spectacular...

...but night was drawing in and we could only catch the last moments of daylight once the rain had stopped.

After the traditional cutting of the wedding cake, it was time to divert drastically from tradition again.

Without announcement, the groom had changed into street dance clothes and delighted his guests with his totally awesome moves.

Then he was joined by his totally cool wife...who had also changed.

Together their routine brought the house down with huge cheers and applause from their guests.

Then it was time for some night portraits of the boys in their traditional Scottish dress...

...including a special with the groom and his Best Man...

...and of course one with the groom and his wonderful bride outside their venue at the end of a truly extraordinary wedding which they had totally made their own.

by Steve Dunster