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Monday, 27 January 2014

Possibly Gosport's Best Kept Wedding Secret

If you were to drive into Gosport on the main Forton Road, you could be forgiven for driving past one of Gosport's best kept wedding secrets and not even noticing: St John the Evangelist's Parish Church of Forton.

It is a brick built church set back off the Forton Road which may not catch your eye but once you go inside you'll be amazed. It opens up into a glorious architectural space that you wouldn't be surprised to see in a cathedral, yet it is but a humble parish church for a relatively small region of Gosport.

Unusually for a church, the nave is North-South, consequently if there is any sun at all it pours through the windows above the altar like a heaven-sent blessing.

Katt and Dan got married in this gorgeous Gosport church in the November of 2011.

Katt had her Bridal Prep round her Dads' house...

...ably tended to by her Maid of Honour.

The church itself, despite its magnificence inside, has relatively small grounds, nevertheless there are a number of places suitable for outside-the-church portraits.

Katt and Dan went on to the Holiday Inn, Titchfield for their Reception and had a fantastic time with their guests.

Whilst Katt and Dan were the undisputed stars of their wedding day...perhaps the unsung hero of their day was the true magnificence of the church they were married in.

by Steve Dunster