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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Penton Park - new elegant Hampshire wedding venue

There is a fabulous new wedding venue near Andover in Hampshire. It is called Penton Park and is a privately owned elegant country house in beautiful grounds and looks as though it is straight out of a Jane Austen novel.

The approach to the house is a long driveway and the frontage to the house has plenty of room even for a horse and carriage.

The entrance to the house is very elegant and makes for wonderful Arrival photographs.

The grounds are substantial with over-hanging trees and plenty of sky which makes for some great sky-scape wedding portraits.

Penton Park is South facing so would light up well if the sun was out as a great background for portraits, group shots or reportage.

There is a path running along the outside of the house which would be very useful for outside portraits or group shots in the event of muddy conditions.

With over-hanging trees and great architectural elements, Penton Park has some fantastic outside wedding portrait opportunities.

The front of the venue has a substantial pea-shingle parking area...

 ...which is ideal for Arrivals wedding photography with over-hanging trees and the architecture of the house in the background.

The interior decoration of Penton Park is exquisite and makes for fabulous inside portrait and reportage wedding photography.

Penton Park has a wonderfully homely feel to it, which is no surprise in that it is actually somebody's home when it is not being used for weddings.

Even though Penton Park is privately owned, you can have your reception and your photographs actually inside the house.

If you want to live out the fantasy of getting married in a Jane Austen novel, Penton Park might be your perfect wedding venue.

The interior decoration, the chandeliers, the mirrors and fireplaces with the gorgeous smell of burning wood make for a wonderful atmosphere.

The staircase is a fabulous place for bride portraits with its wooden banister, plants and authentic wall paper.

The staircase looks fabulous in both colour and black and white wedding portraiture.

Wooden floors, dado rails and authentic window shutters all go to help to transport you back in time. There is a baby grand piano and a full size snooker table which are both available for your wedding and help to recreate the sights and sounds of an era long gone.

It is very easy to feel you've been transported back in time, to a time of elegance, of country estates and fabulous feel you've stepped into a costume drama.

If you want a Jane Austen themed wedding or just a wonderfully elegant period wedding venue with fantastic grounds, check out Penton Park, we think you'll be very impressed.

by Steve Dunster