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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wedding Tips: Top 10 "Wedding Transport" Tips

1. If distances are short you can save money by having one wedding car that does several trips. Bridesmaids and Mum first, then come back for Bride and Dad.

2. Some old cars/camper-vans look fantastic but can be unreliable. Take this into consideration when choosing an old or new style of car and it may even be worth discussing with your potential wedding car supplier.

3. When posing for car photographs, always have the man (groom or dad) nearest the car to stop break dust getting on your wedding dress.

4. Consider the size of your wedding dress when choosing your car or carriage...or tractor...or super car. If you've chosen a particularly large dress, it may not fit into the carriage, or Austin 7 or passenger seat of a Ferrari.

5. If you have a horse and carriage, don't get your flowers near the horse's head. Horses think flowers are tasty and after pulling you along for several miles they think you are rewarding them with a tasty treat.

6. Get some soft drinks put into your wedding car/carriage. By the time you've done the ceremony and photographs it's possible you may be very thirsty.

7. Don't forget to arrange transport for your Dad away from the church because he'll be in the wedding car with you on the way to the church but it will, of course, be your new husband who is with you afterwards.

8. If you want an open top car/carriage, it maybe worth getting one that as some sort of top that can be put on in the event of bad weather...or at least make some kind of arrangements that you could protect yourself, your hair and your dress if it was windy, raining... the splash back from the roads can be quite dirty. Perhaps some kind of coat or sheet you could put over your head.

9. It can get dark very early in Winter weddings, so plan to shoot the car shot as early as you can so you don't have to shoot it in the dark.

10. If your dad is actually driving you because it is his car you are using, for example, sit in the back not the front because it will look better in the photographs on arrival. If you and your dad both get out of the front seats it doesn't look as good as when your dad gets out and opens the rear door to let you out.

by Steve Dunster