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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Wedding Tips: Top 10 "Bridal Prep" Tips

These are the Top 10 tips we find ourselves reminding our brides about regarding that most crucial part of your wedding day BRIDAL PREPARATION:

1. If you change the location of your Bridal Prep, don't forget to tell your photographer

2. Hang up your veil so it doesn't crease

3. Get the train of your dress out of the bottom of the dress cover and lay it over a chair so the train doesn't crease but put a pillow between the train and the chair so the chair doesn't mark it.

4. If you have real flowers, keep your flowers somewhere cool

5. If you have real flowers, take them out of their water 30 minutes before you need them and wrap their stems in kitchen roll so the stems don't drip and stain the dresses

6. Eat, drink and go the loo before getting into your dress.

7. Get Mum, Dad and all your bridesmaids dressed before you get into your dress because the "getting into the dress" shots will look so much better

8. Make sure somebody has your key and locks up for you once you've left for the ceremony

9. Don't forget to organise transport for your Dad for after the ceremony

10. Get some soft drinks left in your wedding car. After you've done your ceremony and photographs you may well be very thirsty.