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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Right Stuff!

Part of me wanted to back light this shot and photoshop a Hollywood explosion in the background but actually this shot, just as it is, is one of the big back stories of Kris and Kirsty's wedding day.

Kris (centre) had a Polish family (left) and his lovely bride's family were English (right) so it was only natural to have shots of them all together. The boys not only looked fantastic but were also full of fun and this sense of fun permeated the entire day and made their wedding an even more wonderful occasion because of it. 

They stood for their formal group shot but then wanted something a bit more fun (like that wasn't predictable!) When the idea was suggested that they could hold their hats like space helmets and do a spoof shot of the astronaut movie The Right Stuff, they were on it immediately. They did the swaggering slow motion walk to perfection.

Here's another example of the groom's sense of humour, one of our shots delivered to them on their wedding disk, he annotated this himself and posted on Facebook.

Kirsty looked amazing in her dress. Here's a shot of her during Bridal Prep when you can see the beautiful detail and cut of her wedding dress.

But in this shot of Kirsty entering the church you can see the full effect of her long train and above that another lace train from her waist and then her stunningly beautiful veil.

The look of pride on Kirsty's father's face was clear for all to see as he led her up the aisle to her groom. The ceremony itself was made all the more special by the most amazing choral work by the professional choir Kirsty used to sing with.

After confetti and congratulatory hugs from their guests...

...we took them into the park next to the church away from their guests for some portraits

...including this one shot through her veil...

...and this one showing the full beauty of her lace train from her waist and the wonderful lace work on her veil.

Then they were off to the Hampshire Court Hotel for the red carpet treatment and their meal...

...cutting the cake...

..and their First Dance as a married couple.

Kirsty and Kris' wedding had it all. They not only looked fantastic, got married in an amazing church with some of the best choral work I've heard...but they also had so much fun and Kris' wicked sense of humour running throughout the day turning a good day into a wonderful day.

A wonderful day...for a wonderful couple and we were delighted to be part of their day.

by Steve Dunster