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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Wedding Traditions: Cutting the Cake

The ceremony of cutting the cake is seen as the first task that the newly married couple do together and back in Roman times a bride used to have a wheat cake crumbled over her head to be sure of safeguarding her fertility. 

Having cut the cake it is tradition that the groom feeds the bride a piece of the cake and the bride then feeds the groom a piece, signifying the commitment between them to provide for each other, but as this part of the day is sometimes carried out after the meal the last thing they want is more to eat. 

As a sign of respect the bride traditionally should present a piece of the cake to the groom’s parents and the groom should present a piece to the bride’s parents thus acknowledging each other’s family.

To cut the cake the bride should take hold of the knife and the groom should place his hand over hers as they slice into the bottom layer - symbolizing a long lasting relationship.

Sources:  Danielle Cadet; Landmark Catering