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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Donkey-Poo Walk and the Return of the Shetty

When we did a pre-wedding location visit with Lucy and Steve at the Balmer Lawn Hotel we were scouting for possible portrait locations. One place came to mind but it would mean walking down a dirt path covered in donkey poo. Not a great prospect for a bride in her dress. From then on we referred to the place as Donkey Poo Walk.

The weather was fabulous on the day and we had enough time to do the Donkey Poo Walk set and Lucy was up for it. We carefully chose our route. Anybody would have thought we were stepping through a mine field.

To cut a long story short we got some great shots at the bottom of Donkey Poo Walk.

As day turned to evening it looked as though we might get a sunset. Steve and Lucy were up for it so out we went to the cricket pitch in front of the hotel. As with all sunsets, we had to move fast. There was a donkey right over the far side of the cricket pitch but he wouldn't cause us any problems.

We set the light stand then positioned Steve and Lucy. The right angle required a very low camera height. Would you credit it! That donkey, which actually turned out to be a Shetland pony, sneaked up on us whilst we were shooting (see top picture).

Here's the picture we shot, moments before photographer came nose to nose with Shetty. Quite a shock! ...but so worth it.